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September 6, 2009

My snowleopard review

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I have a late 2008 macbook unibody.  It’s setup quite nicely — I’ve got iWork, Adobe CS3 design pro, run bootcamp, etc…  So, I decided to upgrade to snow leopard.  My copy arrived the 28th, but I wasn’t home to sign for it.  Luckily, I was home the 29th.

My first thought — Dang this is the most non-green shipping ever.  the carboard box was huge compared to the tiny media box.  Which itself was packing for the DVD.  They could have used one of those nifty padded DVD mailers — it likely would have fit…

So I check my time machine, make sure there was a backup “yesterday”.  I put in my OS upgrade disk, click the buttons, walk away for a long while.  I don’t think it was too long an upgrade process, but I was not there for it.  I started it up and watched TV for a few hours.  I’ve been using it for about a week now — long enough to really get a feel for it.

It works mostly like the old Leopard for me.  I didn’t notice anything earthshatterring — a new feature that I noticed was that I could now record in Quicktime player.  Ok, that’s nice — but I don’t record.  Boot up times feel a little faster — but not massively so.  Leopard was already fast.   Then I had my first compatbility problem.  XCode stopped working.  No big deal, just update it.  Ok, next my schools kerberos configuration software doesn’t work — and now I can’ t use SSH anymore.  Then I learn my video confercing software doesn’t work.  So far, the things I’ve tried in design CS3, Office, and iWork do function.  I found this site with a compatiblity list:

My personal  recommendation — if you must  upgrade, check the list and see how your apps will work.  If you’re in shool, then don’t upgrade to Snow leopard yet.  Leopard is really nice, and everything works on it.  So far, in my day to day use, I haven’t seen any difference at all — certainly not worth the lost app compatibility.  I lost two apps and over a day of time updating Apps, configurations, etc.  Luckily, these are big Apps common to  public universities.  They’ll be updated over the next quarter or so.  In the meantime, I’m using the PC version of those Apps through VMWare.  I would recommend upgrading to SL in December 2009 or Jan 2010.  By then, I expect most compat issues will be solved.  I won’t be uninstalling it.  I could use Time machine and go back to a day prior to the install,  but the 2 hours lost to installing from backups is too high a transaction cost.  The upgrade experience is something better done in Windows(when it works ).  My  XP–>Vista upgrade was slow and driver eventful, but all my apps worked.   Of course, Vista was so slow in my hardware that I downgraded back ( and it was brand new hardware designed for Vista — lots of RAM, Big HDD, loads of Video ram, etc… ) a few months later, and eventually, switched.  I’ve had two major crashes since I’ve been using OSX — I even had to drop intosSingle user mode to fix them — so I can’t say that OSX is more reliable than Windows — but it is faster.

Enjoy your cats in the arctic,



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