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April 11, 2010

iPad week 1 review

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Well, it’s been a week of owning the iPad. My, what a difference a week makes!

WordPress still doesn’t work right with the iPad, so it still takes a while to write this review. As last time, I’m writing this review on the iPad. I’ll break this review into the good, the bad, and my verdict.

The Good

The iPad is is instantly on. Much faster boot than pc or Mac. It is, without a doubt, a pc appliance. The battery life is awesome!! I didn’t charge the iPad for 3 days, and still lasted through everything. I never even got down to 33% charge. The auto-sleep works incredibly well for preserving battery. Having iTunes store everyplace is awesome! I forgot some statistics stuff, went to itunes before class and watched a review. Very useful. The on screen keyboard is very intuitive. You can type normal English very fast. I’d argue I’m now faster typing normal english on my iPad than my Mac, since I’ve come to trust the error correction so much. Then again, maybe not… But it still rocks! Being able to drawn notes and email them to myself — wow! So useful an idea, though the execution is a bit imperfect. The apple branded case rocks. It makes everything better. Having the iPad at an angle while typing makes typing 100 times better. If you get the iPad, get the apple case online. Not the ones in the store — those don’t tri fold. Get the black, one piece, trifold case at the online store. The physical stores don’t carry it yet. I could literally write another three pages of the good. I used to use a tablet PC. I had a Lenovo x61. So, I know what tablet on the pc is like. MS never got the user experience right. Apple nailed it. MS and HP are planning a response, but i’ve used existing HP tablet computers, and they’re nowhere near as good. The OS is too dependent on the mouse, and treating a stylus or the finger as a mouse just doesn’t work. Getting tablet form factor and input right is hard. Apple is the first to make a tablet that is actually easy to use.

The bad

it’s not as powerful as a real computer. This means some software will never exist on it. The app store sets expectations on price too low. I find myself thinking 99 cents is expensive when on the app store, but not in real life. Apps don’t really test well, so I find the app buying experience a big pain. Apple needs to allow a try before you buy model. The apps aren’t yet up to snuff. The problem is usability of apps isn’t very good yet. Devs simply haven’t had access to the devices to try their apps, and it shows. I expect the app problems will improve over time. Lots of websites don’t work right, but they do work — just sub-optimally.

The verdict

Go out today and buy one. I know, I had advised waiting for a couple of months, but now that I’ve used it a week, it’s the bees knees. I currently think the iPad will completely replace the pc. It’s like the nintendo wii versus the xbox. Seriously, if Microsoft doesn’t respond, or responds badly, then MS will be out of business. The iPad is the first device that I think can actually bankrupt Microsoft. The iPad is the computer 99% of us need. No viruses, as the app store reviews all software. Instant on. Easy to use. The apps aren’t great yet, but they are good, and for the price of one pc app, I can buy ten iPad apps.

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