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January 28, 2011

Mysql from Java in Eclipse on a mac

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The MySQL and Java documentation is pretty good, but takes too long to read. I’ve broken it down into steps.


1. Download Connector/J from MySQL.
2. Mount the disk image you just downloaded, extract the mysql-connector-(VERSION) JAR file.
3. Copy the JAR file to your resources folder on disk for your Java project.
4. Refresh your resources folder in Eclipse.
5. Add the JAR file to your build paths.( Control click the JAR file in your resources folder –> click “Add to build Path” )
6. Add the JDBC API imports to your Code.
a. import java.sql.*

7. Initialize Connector/J from the JDBC API.
a. In the function you want to access Mysql, add the following lines:
Connection con; // The JDBC provided connection object.
try {
Class.forName(“com.mysql.jdbc.Driver”).newInstance(); //instantiate the JDBC framework within Java

8. Establish a database connection.
a. Still in the try block:
con = DriverManager.getConnection(“jdbc:mysql://SERVER/DATABASE”, “USERNAME”, “PASSWORD”); // Ask the framework to make a connection and give me a connection reference. ( default TCP port 3306 )
if ( con.isClosed() )
return; // No database connection could be established.

9. Run a query and get a result set.
a. Still in try block
Statement sqlStatement = con.createStatement(); // Init the JDBC Statement object
ResultSet sqlResults = sqlStatement.executeQuery(“YOUR SELECT STATEMENT”); // Executes the select statement and puts the results in the resultset.

10. Parse the result set for the data you want.
a. Still in the try block
while( {
JavaType myDataInJava = sqlResults.getJavaType(“FIELDNAME”); // note, when I write “JavaType, I mean things like int, String, etc… )
// Do whatever you want with the data

Viola! you are now cooking with Java and MySQL!


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