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August 22, 2011

How to un-deform a Medela bottle

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We use Medela bottles that came with our breast pump. One thing we don’t like about the Medela bottles is that they deform under heat — like when you’re warming milk to feed to your baby. We’ve learned how to un-deform the bottles. We also switched to Ameda and Evenflo bottles for cold storage. They don’t deform when heated.

I’m assuming you’re trying to un-deform ( restore ) a bottle full of milk, rather than an empty bottle. An empty bottle is easy — open it, toss it into boiling water, blow into the hot bottle, rinse in cold.

  1. Heat the bottle up to the same temperature as when it deformed. You can also use boiling water, but that’s overkill. You use the hot water for avery short time — just enough to heat the bottle surface, not the milk inside. If the bottle has deformed, the milk inside is too hot to feed to baby!
  2. Open the lid a little — not al the way, or you risk spilling milk — just enough to let some air in.
  3. Gently put pressure on the sides of the dents. They’ll slowly move, then suddenly “snap” at the end.
  4. immediately rinse the sides with cold water. You can also put it into a cup of cold water. Be careful not to let the water enter the bottle.
  5. Remember, the milk is too hot to feed to baby, and will re-deform the bottle if you grab it hard. Do not put pressure on the bottle, and wait until the milk has cooled to a reasonable temperature. The bottle will be fine then.
  6. We’ve found the bottle is not damaged by being de-formed. Once you restore it and cool it back to room temperature, it will work just fine. It will de-form whenever it gets too hot.

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