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March 9, 2012

My ShapeOko lives!

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Hi All,

I got my ShapeOko working, and now am off to get G-Code generation working.  I have only gotten as far as drilling a small hole in wood with it.  It definitely works as a CNC mill.  It may or may not work as a 3d printer.  Still have to test it.  Max F in marlin is 7450 — about 293 IPM.  RepRaps can do closer to 400 IPM.  I could get the motion speed with higher voltage, but then the extruder may not work as I want, and the 12v router would be fried.  I think adding a six-ohm high-current resistor in serial to the extruder would work to easily allow me to run 24v.  I may be able to make a daughter-board to allow for running at 24+ volts, and keep a 12V feed for the router using a voltage regulator.

Or I can try changing the physics of the machine.  The limit is either mass or motors.  The Lin engineering motors don’t seem to be as fast as the OSM motors on my RepRap.  I’ll have to run some experiments to find out.

Anyway, thanks for reading!


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