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March 16, 2012

Mass Effect 3 review

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Hi All,
I’ve begun playing Mass Effect 3. I like it. It’s a bit like Halo, Brute Force, and Gears of War combined. It’s a lot like Mass Effet and Mass Effect 2. No real surprises. It has an interesting story so far, and lots of little side quests.

There are some awesome spots — I actually was impressed by an explosion in a game. And I’ve been gaming a long time. They did a great job making this explosion truly awesome, as in a “Wow” moment.

There are some awful spots. I keep getting stuck in walls. I have to reboot the system to get myself unstuck. At the end of one cutscene, I could no longer move, but still had camera control. So, it is glitchy.

Overall, I like the game. It’s not Batman good. It’s not Star Ocean good(that game has terrible character animations. Once you get over the creepy animations, it is a fantastic game — top 10 material ). It is Halo good. It is Mass Effect good. Solid 4 star RPG/Shooter hybrid. Well worth the time. The occasional “Awesome” moment in there can take your breath away, in an otherwise well paced game.

I hear the ending sucks.  It doesn’t.  I’ve finished the game.  The ending is great.  It’s not “typical american”, feeling more like a Japanese or Italian movie ending.  It’s just not what people would expect in the US, but it is very good.  The story and characters are great.  I hate the cover/run control.  Using the same button for cover, running, and actions is terrible.  So many times when I’m trying to run or climb over an obstacle, to end taking “cover” when I don’t want to.  Or end up running when I mean to climb over.  However, you get used to it, and for all but the most intense firefights, you can adapt.

The game plays well, and is a lot of fun. Well worth the cost and time.  A solid game.


Imran Peerbhai


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