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May 11, 2012

Moving EasyMaker Info to

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Hi All,

In the run-up to Maker Faire, I’ll be consolidating the EasyMaker information over at  I’ve found there’s too much spill-over between my personal blog and EasyMaker, and the people coming to this site now are no longer interested in me, but in EasyMaker.  I’ve been a programmer and a Program manager; I am an IT manager with training in Economics and a Maker; and I’m about to be a Law student — I’d like to focus this blog more on those topics.  At the same time,I find that the EasyMaker folks really want to know more about EasyMaker, and it makes more sense to separate the two.

Why the name Peerbhai Robotics?

1. is domain camped, and I refuse to ever pay campers money.  My personal belief is that camping is evil, and campers should never be rewarded.

2. Peerbhai Robotics is more generic — Peerbhai is my name, and EasyMaker is hopefully the first of many different robot projects.  We’ll see how that goes.

what happens next?

I’ll be consolidating info from many posts about EasyMaker into Pages on the site.  I’m still figuring out the communications and business side of making something and getting it out to the public.  This is all new to me.  I will likely be deleting the posts about EasyMaker I’ve made in the past on this site. will be the site for all that info.  I hope to have forums and the like working over there, so that some form of community can be built up over there.  I’ve never done that before — so feel free to drop me a line with suggestions on how to do it well.

EasyMaker will continue to be open source.  I have no intention of making it a closed source project, ever.  I have been releasing my Alpha drawings, and I’ll continue to release updated drawings and the like.  You can always build an EasyMaker clone from the information I release, without ever buying anything from me.  I feel it’s important that people can fully self-source and self-create an EasyMaker anywhere in the world — I want to help people be inventors, artists, educators, and do what they want to do.  It’s also important to me that people be allowed to make derivatives.  I will keep this a non-commercial, attribution-required license.  I will have kits available at some point in time, and I will take Tips from people who want to support my continued work on EasyMaker.  Once Law School starts, I will have a very expensive thing to pay for ( Law school is going to eat money like it was chocolate.  Terrifying. )  I will very soon be out of funds to do R&D on EasyMaker if the community doesn’t support it.  Tips and Kits will be the only way I can do further development on EasyMaker.  I’ve got a large number of ideas brewing about what to enable EasyMaker to do.  From inkjet printing, oscillating tool cutting, 5-axis foam milling, lathing, Lithography,  etc…  I even have ideas to turn it into a Lawn mower, or  an automatic bartender 🙂  EasyMaker is the embodiment of a post I made a while ago on this blog — It’s a quality frame and control system, to which a large number of tools can be attached.  It changes how you can approach many design/robot problems, and in some way, turns them more into software problems.

Even now, some people view Fixed gantry mode and Moving gantry mode as essentially two different robots that happen to use all the same parts.  I like that!  It shows off the beauty of a design like EasyMaker — it allows people to change it into whatever they need for their inventions/art/education.  That’s my dream for it.  It makes it easy to make things, to learn new things, and most importantly, to have fun doing it!  There’s something magical about a machine where you change modes — you begin to think more broadly, and begin to wonder about what else you could do with it.

Anyway, thanks for reading.  See you at!


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