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May 17, 2012

Just registered for law school!

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Well, it’s official.  I just registered for my first law school class.  Now, comes the interesting part.

Law school is weird.  I’ve only seen the dog and pony show so far, met some other entering students.  A few random thoughts.

1. Law school itself seems very interesting.  The mock class started with a professor doing a hypothetical situation where the Anarchists revolt, and create a new Anarchy based society, then showing the question — how do neighbors resolve their problems without accidentally creating law?  It was truly awesome!

2. One thing that really struck me — law school students are *very* different than scientist/engineer type people I normally work with.  Scientists/engineers are mostly meritocratic — they believe in succeeding or failing on their accomplishments.  Law students are not at all so.  They believe in the two opposites of meritocracy — some believe that you should succeed and fail based on who you’re born to, and only your parents social position/social network is important.  Perhaps dynastic is the right word to describe them,  I’d say somewhere around 30-50% of Law students believe this.  Others believe that neither meritocracy nor dynasty are valid — but that material goods should be distributed based on need.  Fewer are like this — perhaps 10-20%.  So, law school is made up of Greeks( system, not nation) or hippies.  Geeks — scientists, engineers, technical people — are almost completely absent.

3. My Geek friends who went to law school did terribly afterwards.  I’ve got a few friends with similar backgrounds who went to law school.  They all got jobs — eventually — and at very low pay.  But none of them did well.  They went to top schools.  But Law, as a profession, seems to reward a different type of person.

Needless to say —  Part of me wonders if this is wise?  A lot of my cohort talk about the same thing.  Is it smart to go into Law, when about 50% of people who become lawyers and up unemployed/underemployed/unhappy/quitting the field?

Well, the train is leaving the station.  The conductor is ringing the boarding bell.  I may end up in Hogwarts!  Or I may end up splatting into the wall…

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  1. Congrat’s on the law school step. Glad to see that.

    Comment by Brian Johnson — May 24, 2012 @ 3:28 pm | Reply

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