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September 24, 2012

SR-520 Toll Vs Gas Prices

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Hi All,

I wanted to know how much Gas would have to cost for the Sr-520 toll and the extra gas cost of going around to be roughly equal.

Here’s what I did:

1. Figure out the distance between 520 and I-90 and compute the mileage.  It’s about 9 miles to go around SR-520.

2. Figure out my car’s MPG.  I drive a 2011 Jetta, and it gets about 27 MPG in my normal day to day driving.

3. I did not incldue depreciation, insurance costs, etc…  My question was only about Gas.

So, here’s how you figure it out.

1: Figure out how many gallons of gas you used.  That’s 9 miles / 27 MPG.  That equals .33 gallons ( or 1/3 ) — lucky me! Other cars will get different results.

2. 1/3 gallon times the cost per gallon.  I used $4.00 / gallon.  That’s $1.33.

Then I asked, what would it take to make the Gas price and the toll equal? Answer — my car would have to get around 15MPG, and the price of gas would have to be around $4.75. Once that happens, it’s cheaper to pay the toll than to drive around. Here’s a spreadsheet that shows the different prices.


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