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December 7, 2012

50 convictions, including felonies, not enough to keep a man in jail

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The Florida Sun Coast is running a story about a man who has been arrested 50 times.

This time, he was arrested for driving without a license — for the 5th time, driving away form the court house where he was there because he was arrested for… driving without a license.

Criminal studies show that criminals keep recommitting crimes.  The Goetz case in New York is a great example.  Goetz was a man in New York riding on a subway, when he shot some gang members trying to rob him.  The NY court tried to put him in jail, since he fired the shots on the Subway.  The teens he shot all lived, and only one of them became paralyzed.  The paralyzed one sued him for millions and won.  The thing is — of the 4 teens, all of them but the fully paralyzed one went on to live a life of crime.  And what crimes!  Rape.  Robbery.  Attempted murder.  Federal statistics say that around 65-75% of all criminal will commit more crimes.  This is why we have sex offender registration — but sex offenders aren’t alone.  It’s just that, if you’re already an evil person, you commit crimes.  Evil is just part of you.

And thus, we keep creating victims.  If Goetz had paralyzed or killed all his assailants, then the countless reported crimes that those people committed would not have been victims.  I think something like 4 rapes would have been prevented, a murder, and a few other crimes they committed..  In Seattle, the Teens who killed our beloved Tuba man have gone on to crime sprees, constantly being arrested, then re-released into society.  AFTER COMMITTING MURDER.

Now, as a liberal, I’m for giving people a second chance, and I’m loathe for capital punishment.  But 50 crimes?  75% recidivism rates?    Come on, at some point, we as a society have to realize, that as the words of the old western go, “Some people just need killin'”.  Like Lenny in “Of Mice and Men”, even if they have no ill intent( and after 50 crimes, that’s hard to believe ), there comes a time when society says, “Enough.”  I think that time is 10 crimes.  If you are convicted of a felony with a victim, then commit 10 additional crimes, even misdemeanors,  then that’s it — no more life for you.  Or at the least, at least jailed until you are 80 years old.  You’re either completely unable to control yourself and follow the rule of law, you have some form of serious mental defect that society needs to be protected from, or you’re just plain evil.  In any case, society is better off without you, because you create victims…

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