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December 11, 2012

Sending the victim to jail

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As I keep saying before, we’re too soft on crime, especially if the offenders are teenagers.

In this case, the victim is sexually violated by two high school lacross players at a party.  The players, Austin Zehnder and Will Frey,  take pictures on their cell phones of them sexually abusing a passed out girl at a party, and show it off to her school.  She finds out, and tells police.  The punks are caught with the photos on their cell phones.  Confronted with the evidence, they confess the whole thing, claim it was, “Just a joke.”  What does the court do? Jails the victim!  the boys don’t spend a day in jail.  They get 50 hours of community service, and their records will be expunged.  They’re high-schoolers, so they could be charged as adults.  But the victim is jailed for tweeting about how outraged she is at the courts for not punishing her attackers.

So, say bad things about the judge and prosecutor who let your rapists off scott free, and you go to jail?  This is America!  I though freedom of speech was a right!  What about when the speech is completely true?  This girl’s tweets are the only thing that will maybe show up about the felony as these boys go on in life.  We’re being too soft on teen offenders, especially when it comes to sex crimes and murder.  At the same time, we’re willing to jail the victims who speak out about being victims?

This travesty of justice would be allowed to stand, except for the ACLU and a private attorney.  They discovered that Paul Richwalsky, one of the prosecutors, had attended  the boys high school and was an active supporter of the sports teams there — he was persecuting a rape victim for high-school football!  A private attorney filed a motion to remove the prosecutor and judges involved for conflict of interest.  The boys attorney, David Mejia, realized that public opinion had turned against him, and withdrew the motion to have the victim jailed, due to the press coverage.  In my opinion, what he did was a violation of his duty as a member or the court and he should be disbarred.  Sadly, lawyers are only disbarred for one thing — improper cash management.

Well, it is Kentucky after all.  Football corruption and backwoods ideals.  Victims must be allowed to speak about crimes that happened to them.  Gag rules should never apply to them.  It’s just that simple.

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