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June 7, 2013

The direction of invention.

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I’ve lately been focused on invention.  The process itself.  I’ve had some design inspiration — some artistic ideas, that I can’t achieve.  I’m a sucky artist.  But, I’m good at other things.  I can write, I can think, and I can achieve.

So, In order to make the artistic things I want to make ( sometimes for my own sake, and sometimes for commercial sake) I have to invent.

It’s more like something else.  I’ve always wanted to be a cartoonist.  I can’t draw.  At all.  Not even circles.  Not for lack of practice or trying.  But you know what?  With a protractor, I can draw a circle.  I can learn to use tools.

And invention to me, is a tool.  Right now, the phase of my love is invention.  I have ideas.  Lots of them.  Pages and notes and research papers.  Tons.  But, I can actualize a small percent of them.  Turn them real.

What’s my favorite idea?  A cartoon series I call, “Drifting Grandma” about a grand-mother who drift races, entirely on accident.  Think “Dukes of Hazard” meets “Pink Panther” with an Anime-styled Grandmother in a station wagon as the “dukes” car.  Each episode has her drift racing some assassin, sent by the town’s corrupt sheriff, to stal her land.  I don’t know why I like it.  I just do.  So, let’s go further than this.  I have another idea about this — how to fund “drifting grandma” organically.  Yes, there’s kickstarter — but Drifting Grandma is a bit over the top and odd — I don’t know if KS would like it.  The other idea is that a series like Drifting Grandma will generate assets. 3d models of characters, in poses.  Scenes.  A wise-looking, bald, sunflower owned by a witch.  

So, how does this get to the inventor’s toolkit?  I dream of artistis being able to draw their art as 3d models, show it off in 2d( cell-shaded ), while supporting themselves with 3d objects that they sell.  I’d love to make the entire toolkit that enables this — from the 3d drawing stage, through the production techniques to make the models — in full color, and “injection molded” quality.  A store system where they can sell those models, directly.  A video distribution system where people can watch them.  

Vertical integration of Anime.  ( The style is less relevant than the technology. )  All so I can produce, “Drifting Grandma”.  All so anyone can produce their itch, and have it turn into a viable medium.

But how to get there is the huge problem.  So, I approach from the other side.  How can I make a machine that can make, in large enough quantities, a viable artistic model for sale? 

So, in my mind, the inventor’s toolkit is a series of cool things put together:

1. An output device that can make high-quality molds and a service that takes those molds and produces parts from them.

2. A drawing program that can make 3d models from code for animation.  ( Because I can’t draw )

3. An animation program that can make 2d cells from 3d models.

4. a video delivery service.


The underlying business is “TokyoPop meets Netflix meets Shapeways.”  All my robotics work, all my invention, is really heading in this direction.  If I succeed, drifting grandma will become real…


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