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July 2, 2013

A kooky idea about time

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Time, the physics concept, isn’t real.  Instead, it’s the “Aether”, and its density is negative.


So, imagine space is a sponge.  We live inside the sponge.  The fibers of the sponge are space, without time.  Now, imagine that sponge moving under water, with the water flowing through the sponge.  So, it’s a very porous sponge…  Now, use that concept and make changes:

1. The water is lower density than the sponge( by a lot ).

2. The sponge is slowing down( due to drag ) as it moves.

This is the universe, and this is time.  Space-Time is not a rubber sheet, like Einstein imagined — Space-Time is a porous sponge.  This hypothesis explains a lot:

A. Light has a medium, and its speed limit is the speed of time.  There is no dark energy, time’s speed is slowing down — albeit at a pace we don’t understand.

B. Events have existence outside time, and the information of motion exists outside time.  Inertia, for example, has another dimension outside time.  So, we live in the 5th dimension( maybe more ).  3 of space, and the emergent property of time is a projection of both Aether flow and information.  Information being continuos( or at least at a resolution far faster than Time’s ), and time being discrete.

C. Things can happen faster than light, and do.  All particles of energy and matter are limited to the speed of time, but virtual particles of information can travel faster than time, and put a predictable pattern on time.

D. Time is really the interaction of particles that phase in/out of the universe.  I should say, the particles don’t phase in and out — we move through them( or our universe does ).

E. Time is directional due to inertia of our universe.  Without an external energy source, we eventually run out of it.

F. There is no multiverse.  Quantum probabilities do not fork in time.  Rather, the information field is transfinite, and time is a collapse of the transfinite field.  Yes, Transfinite.  This means that transfinity is real ( think of a large, but somehow bounded set.Now create an infinite set of those.  Counting is an example. 0.99999999…  = 1 is a transfinite space between 0 and 1)

G. Warp drive is impossible. Conventional physics says it’s possible to compress space — but what about the “time water” inside space?  Does it compress with space, or does it flow out of the space?  Either way — warp drive is gone.  If you compress space, and “time water” compresses, then the compressed warp space’s speed of light must dminish by the amount of compression.  If “time water” flows out of the compressed space, then no idea what happens…  There’s less time in the compressed space, and thus you age more slowly — but the universe ages faster, so maybe you exceed the speed of light in a warp field — but only in your relative plane.  In Universe, you’re still moving at speed of light, and the universe is now moving a little faster, offsetting the speed effect of the warp field.

H. Time travel, even through a wormhole, is impossible.  It would require an end of the wormhole to be in a location in which space does not exist yet.

I. Gravity is a temporal effect, and time/gravity are the same thing.

J. Both Gravity and Time cannot be stopped, reversed, etc…  BUT, the flow rate can be altered by changing the density of space.  This is huge — black holes have a limit, there is no Hawking radiation ( hawking radiation doesn’t exist, but rather, a different temporal flow rate.  A virtual particle pair split at the event horizon of a black hole increases the mass of both the black hole and the universe.  Information is gained. )  Selective density changes could allow both for faster than light travel and artificial gravity ( so, if you get one technology, you pretty much get the other one. )  ( Selective density changes of space may be really easy — if time flows, there may be a way to create cavitation bubble in it like with water… )


Anyway, this is a kooky idea.  It’s a philosophical question about existence, assuming a material world…

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