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January 24, 2014

Alternatives to LogMeIn

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I found this comment from doormouse76 in a post on reddit.

Snipping for usefulness:

For the love of GOD, don’t just enable RDP and open your firewall. 

Teamviewer is free, you install it at home and tell it to be always on, you don’t have to install it at work, you can just run the client and put in your home credentials.

RDP is great, but port forwarding a known remote control port and leaving your computer open is never a good idea.  You could at least move the port in to the 30000 range, but teamviewer is so easy, just do it.  No worrying about port forwarding or dynamic dns.

edit: More info since people are saving it. Click: Download (Free for private use)

I know it says TeamViewer_Setup_en.exe but when you run it, it gives you the option to use it without installing

For your home computer, Use Install to control this computer later from remote

The wizard will walk you through setting it up as a service.

They have setups for Mac and Windows, There are clients mac/windows/smartphones.

It does pop up a small banner on the remote computer while you’re doing it which can be moved and partially minimized.  When you close it, it does pop up a small windows that says thanks for using it and buy it if you’re using it for business.


  • logmein/hamachi vpn (no longer free)
  • portknock+ssh+portforwarding

    • portknock to open ssh port on the firewall
    • ssh client: ssh -L 3389:  (to forward the rdp port to your own computer
    • mstsc /v:  (to remote control your pc)
  • portknock + rdp

    • this is ok, i’ve always been a little worried about rdp’s encryption though, ssh is better if you’re savvy
  • windows VPN

There are tons of other ways to get this done, just do some research before you jump in to just any solution.  Any port you open to the outside will be constantly attacked, if you’re not an experienced computer guy who can handle watching logs and patching services/os, you’re better off going with a service that keeps your network connection our of the hands of the general public.




  1. Hi!
    You can also try our LogMeIn alternative called ISL Online.
    It has a great startup plan and a 15 day trial period!
    Please check the product website at:

    BR, Mike A.

    Comment by Mike A. — March 12, 2014 @ 2:15 pm | Reply

  2. It is bad news for all logmein fans that logmein free is going away. But recently I have discovered a very good alternative: RHUB remote support servers. It works well.

    Comment by cook brocks — May 7, 2014 @ 6:28 am | Reply

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