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April 20, 2017

Learn to be a Programmer!

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As an experienced Software Developer/Data Scientist/PM/Lead, I sometimes get the question, “How should I learn to program?”

Personally, I think that programmers should know a few different languages, but that comes from experience.  I saw this post on reddit, and I wanted to add a “+1” agreement to it.

In short — anyone who can write at an 8th grade level or better in any human language ( say English, or Chinese ) and can solve this equation:

3x + 1 = 7.  what does x equal?

has the intellectual ability to become a developer in about a year, and a good one in about three, if they follow this simple advice:

  1. Find a set of problems you’d like to solve.
  2. Pick a language/framework with lots of people who have worked on similar problems and have posted their solutions someplace.
  3. Set aside some time.
  4. Get some learning materials.
  5. Start coding.

With some focus, time, and self-forgiveness, you will get there.  The toughest part of programming is that you occasionally hit a “Valley of Despair” where nothing seems to work, and you don’t know why.  Having the emotional grit to get through the valley and the communications skills to find help ( even if its knowing how to work Google ) will get you there.


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