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Hi, I’m Imran.


You probably want to know more about me, right?  Well, I’m in my early forties, married with 2 kids, and live in Kirkland, WA. I have a degree in Economics, and  I work as a data scientist at a company I founded called thinkPredict.  I did part of my L1 at Law school, and I’ve worked a few jobs — most of my life has been spent working in very large corporations.  I’ve been in tech ever since I was a kid.  Literally, I wrote my first program when I was 8 or 9 years old — as did pretty much all my nerdy friends.  A simple basic program where a plane flew over a moving scene.  The resolution of computers was really poor in those days — my propeller was a very thick line that grew and shrank, and the plane actually stayed in place.  I moved the ground.


I’m interested in all things geek.  3d printing, software, entrepreneurship — pretengineering.  I’ve got a love of science, and I keep myself abreast of developments in many fields.  Working at a University, I get the luxury of seeing the current research thought in so many disciplines.  I feel I’ve got a unique view into the future — I get to live a few years ahead of everyone else.  The thing that’s got my mind right now is mechatronics.  That is mechanical machines with electronic controls.  3d printers are a great example, but frankly, any robot is one.  I’m a beginner to self-taught mechatronics, and this blog is documenting my exploits  personal, professional, and along my interests.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the blog!



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